Reviews Revealed

My mom was the best lunch packer. Ever.  If you just imagined an adorable little Italian Mama tucking the final crumbs of parmesan that escaped from her famous lasagna into a Tupperware container for her daughter’s school lunch, then we need to regroup for a minute.  Not to say my mom’s lunches were insincere, but there were few recipes, if any, involved.  However, I would fiercely go to battle defending the stake that there was as much, if not more love tucked in that paper sack as Mama Maria’s.   And no, maybe not by current day standards of health and nutrition was my lunch prepared, but I’m pretty sure that all the major food groups as I understood them to be by the sixth grade were in my lunch bag every day- from the gummy group through the bologna group.

In my lunch, you ask?  Magic.  My mom always bought us the newest treats and snacks to accompany our stand-by sandwiches.  The loudest packaging, the most colorful creations this side of the willy wonka factory and of course, on occasion, the most envious of baked goods were all part of the usual suspects.  As you can imagine, grocery shopping was as fun as going to a theme park for me.  This inherited trait of having treat-exclusive tunnel vision at the grocery store is probably why my dad is only permitted to grocery shop once a year.  On vacation.  With supervision.

Although my nutrition requirements have grown up to be much more serious, my childlike senses can’t possibly have aged much past an overzealous 5.  I still live for the hunt to uncover new and exciting food products and revel in the moments that I get to share my finds with any equally passionate grown up children.

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