About Jessica


My name is Jessica, and here is where I share some life and some yum…

…because I love the world of sweets and snacks.

I lust after anything edible that is smothered in gooey cinnamon sugar, I fantasize about moist cakes clothed in winter-like layers of creamy frosting and I simply cannot resist the seduction of a rich, raw baking batter, without discrimination to flavor or composition. I adore the entire realm over which the baker reigns, including the pirated outskirts where crispy crusts serve savory lords and I even embrace the sweet infidelities committed by sugar as in a night spent crumbled atop a bed of royal sweet potatoes. I relish the undeniable, irreplaceable comfort that baked treasures instill.

Since graduating college, I have been relatively lost. My career and my interests have moved so far apart that all you hear is static when eavesdropping on their phone conversations.

In my 20-something years, few things have brought me more joy than food and writing. And for the last two years, this great space has combined them both. I hope one day to travel and write in the name of the food world, but in the meantime I’m having a blast here and hope soon to grow the gumballs to sell some of my rock star treats at a local farmers market.

I recently moved from Chicago to Denver in the hopes of greater adventures, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ve stopped by.




Contact:  hungrygems@aol.com

10 Responses to About Jessica

  1. victoria says:

    omg If I had my druther’s I would facebook this….but I know you would come up with some irrefragable argument, impossible for me to refute and I would feel horrible for doing it…so alas….I will just send you an email and panegyerize your latest blog opuscule privately between you and me only….(Really you drive me to dipsomania girl)

  2. EatFree says:

    Looking forward to your recipes!

  3. hungrygems says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to the tough job of tasting everything along the way! =)

  4. Your blog is gorgeous and I want to eat everything you’ve made NOW

    [gives the side-eye to gooey cinnamon sugar]

    Life DOES make sense through food…nicely put :)

  5. hungrygems says:

    Thanks Cat! You made my day- happy baking!

  6. afifahcookie says:

    Hey! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award (: Do check it out here~ http://afifahcookie.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/the-liebster-award/ Smile always, :D

  7. hungrygems says:

    Thanks so much and thank you for stopping by!

  8. Anita says:

    I have a question. I just found your blog and noticed that there were 2 recipes listed under high altitude. Since you live and bake in Denver, don’t all of the recipes published work at Denver’s altitude? Thanks

  9. hungrygems says:

    Hi Anita – great question. The first two years of this blog were written when I lived in Chicago. Little did I know how easy I had it! The remaining recipes since my move are all at Denver altitude. If you scroll to the bottom of some of these more recent recipes, I list the sea level recipe I started with and below that the high altitude alterations made (see Kaiser Rolls or Buttery Blueberry Pancakes as examples). I want to be able to access the sea level recipes in case I move again but also to help demonstrate how I am adapting recipes to be successful at a higher elevation. I often reference back to what I learned from my past victories to help me tackle new recipe experiments. The two recipes listed under “High Altitude” on the recipe page had to be altered so much over so many attempts (looking at you Lemon Poppyseed Bread!) that I labeled them exclusively to be high altitude and did not note the original, sea level recipe. I apologize for the confusion and have actually been working on re-working this concept so it’s clearer and of more use to readers. I see how it is difficult to navigate as-is but I promise improvements are in motion! I hope this helps, thanks so much for stopping by and for the great feedback. Let me know if you give anything a go!

  10. Anita says:

    Thanks so much – big help. Will definitely let you know when I try a recipe.

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