5.14 Eataly Chicago

Eataly Chicago.jpg

Sweet home, Chicago.

As you may recall, I was never a huge fan of that city when I spent 20-something years living just next door to it.  So what’s with the change of heart?

The answer came to me this past weekend:  Beauty lies in the hands of the visitors.

Tooootally different attitude when arriving via cab on a beautiful spring day for a short business trip.  Quite different from fighting the motorist stampede upstream in a snowstorm attempting to get to a friend’s house before both Cubs and Hawks games.

Some Windy City ambiance that I didn’t realized I missed until my trip was lakeside breezes, Chicago sports jerseys, honking, spectacular food, Michigan Avenue hubbub and seas of yellow cabs.

On my first day, I moseyed down the street to Mario Batali’s Eataly.

Eataly Chicago Desserts.jpg

Half Italian supermarket filled with cooking ingredients, culinary books and tools of the trade and half Italian fare, it was quite a party for the senses.

Eataly Chicago Market.jpg

Cases full of stuffy, but stunning desserts glistened.

Crusty breads and focaccia were opposite a case of cheeses presented behind glass much like a case of fine Italian jewelry.

The restaurants were located on the upper floor and although I appreciated the wall-less, casual nature of the setup, it was quite confusing where to go to get seated for each small dining booth and which ones permitted to-go ordering like I was seeking.

Eataly Chicago Restaurant.jpg.jpg

I ended up with a buffalo mozzarella baguette sandwich and a flourless hazelnut chocolate cake from the downstairs counters.

I can’t say either was spectacular.  The mozzarella was definitely the highlight overall.  I think for being a $6 mini dessert, I was bracing myself to be blown away.  And it was just ok.

Although my picks didn’t turn out to be outrageously good, Eataly is an absolute must-see for any food lover.

Eataly Chicago Mozzarella Sandwich.jpg

It will not disappoint piquing your appetite, entertaining your eyes or yanking some green from your wallet because this is food fashion at its finest.

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2 Responses to 5.14 Eataly Chicago

  1. Abadabadoo says:

    Love your blog! You should post more often!!

  2. hungrygems says:

    Thanks doo! And thanks for stopping by…I have yet to post recipes like caramels and such so please stay tuned ;)

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